Main properties

AEROGEL products are high performing thermal insulator materials with a class leading thermal conductivity λD =0.015 W/mK in accordance to EN10456.

With the high quality AEROGEL products you choose for long-term guarantees maximum sustainable protection against winter cold, summer heat, moisture and thermal bridges.

AEROGEL products are developed and certified in Italy and set themselves up for quality, technology, reliability and performance.

Product range includes flexible insulating blankets and panels for wider applications in construction. Different surface characteristics, coating, size and thickness, make these innovative insulation and their intelligent use the most advanced solution for the insulation of roofs, walls, facades, ceilings and floors.

AEROGEL A2 is suitable for ETICS purposes.


Aerogel insulation blanket reinforced by high density fiberglass.

AEROGEL A2 appears like a denser felt: thanks to its fibrous matrix ensures high breathability and durability. Available on 6 and 10 mm thicknesses rolls as BLANKET and 1480x740mm or 740x740mm size as PANELS, with thicknesses from 10 to 60mm. Flexibility typical for 6 and 10 mm thicknesses also allows insulation of curved structures, or irregular supports.

AEROGEL A2 is widely used for thermal insulation in the construction industry because of performance far superior than any other material: AEROGEL A2 offers a thermal resistance Rd =0,65 m2K/W for each 10mm of thickness.

Total breathability thanks to its fibrous matrix: water vapor diffusion resistance factor  μ=13. It prevents formation of condensation and moisture.

AEROGEL A2 does not fear to compression: a load up to 5.000 kg/m2 is necessary to compress of 1mm (10%) the 10mm thickness blanket.

Higly sound absorption thanks to mass of 200 Kg/m3: +/- 10% the fibrous nature of the AEROGEL A2 gives over thermal performance a sensitive acoustic insulation too.

AEROGEL A2 is suitable for internal and external ETICs applications.



Aerogel insulation panel reinforced by high density fiberglass with the vapor barrier.

AEROGEL BV is made by AEROGEL A2 panel coupled on one side with aluminum heat-reflecting films reinforced with a tear-resistant mesh. Thickness of the vapor barrier is 100 micron.

AEROGEL BV is available in 740x740mm panels. Nominal density is 200 kg/m³, μ ≥1.000.000 .



Main Benefits

Superior Thermal Performance AEROGEL Insulation products are characterized by higher thermal insulation performance per centimeter of thickness on its class of mineral materials. Thermal conductivity is certified according to EN 10456. It is one of the lowest among all fiber insulation available on the market.


Durable AEROGEL products maintain their performance unchanged even when subjected to the greatest stress. Moreover, the characteristic compressive strength makes them suitable for applications under screed or to different loads


Breathable Guarantee of health, breathability of AEROGEL A2 allows the passage of water vapor and leave intact the hygroscopic equilibrium of the walls and prevents the formation of condensation. Otherwise, AEROGEL BV is 100% vapour barrier


Fireproof & safe AEROGEL A2 is certified Euroclass B according to EN 13501-1. AEROGEL products does not contain substances classified as dangerous according to Directive 67/548 / EEC and Regulation EC 1272/2008 CLP


Easy installation In 6 and 10mm thickness: Flexibility, ease of cutting, conformable to complex geometries, tight corners and spaces with restricted access are the ideal characteristics for use in construction. Versatility of the AEROGEL blankets optimizes works by reducing installation time and product waste

Handling on site

AEROGEL blankets and panels are cut using conventional cutting tools. The material can be dusty, and it is recommended gloves, safety glasses, and dust mask be worn when handling material.

Samples of use    

underfloor walls/ceilings thermal bridges
cavity walls roofs behind plasterboard
tanks pipes industrial