AEROGEL-HP 10mm | 1440x720mm | 31.10 M2

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AEROGEL-HP is an aerogel composite blanket designed for insulating buildings and apparelThe best fibre thermal insulation material available on market for dry applications. 

AEROGEL-HP is not suitable for ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Systems). For this purpose of use please contact us.

AEROGEL-HP blanket and panels are the same material, same properties too.

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Panel size 1440 x 720 x 10 mm
Pieces per box 30
Total area, M2 31,104
Price, €/M2 34.50

Please see at Main Properties for more

Main Properties
Nominal Thickness 10 mm
Length x Width 1440 x 720 mm
Pieces 30
Color white
Thermal Conductivity λm =0.014 W/mK (EN12667) λd =0.016 W/mK (EN13162)
Thermal resistance Rd =0.65 m2K/W (EN13162)
Max. Use Temp. 200°C
Nominal Apparent Density 180 Kg/m3 ±10%
Compressive Strength 70 kPa at 10% (EN826)
EUROCLASS B/s1/d0 (EN13501-1)
Water Vapor Permeability μ =13 (EN12086)
Flexibility yes (EN12087)



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