AEROGEL HP 20MM | 740X740MM | 2.74 M2

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AEROGEL HP is an aerogel composite blanket designed for insulating buildings and apparelThe best fibre thermal insulation material available on market for dry applications.

AEROGEL HP is not suitable for ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Systems). For this purpose of use please contact us.

Panel consists of a double-10mm thickness AEROGEL-HP blanket cutted and assembled in order to obtain a unique 20mm thickness panel.

AEROGEL-HP 20mm is not flexible.

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Panel size 740 x 740 x 20 mm
Pieces per box 5
Total area, M2 2,74
Price, €/M2 76.20


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Main Properties
Nominal Thickness 20 mm
Length x Width 740 x 740 mm
Pieces 5
Thermal Conductivity λd =0.016 W/mK (EN13162)
Thermal resistance Rd =1.30 m2K/W (EN13162)
Max. Use Temp. 100°C
Nominal Apparent Density 200 Kg/m3 ±10%
Compressive Strength 70 kPa at 10% (EN826)
EUROCLASS B/s1/d0 (EN13501-1)
Water Vapor Permeability μ =13 (EN12086)
Flexibility no



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